About Me

Using my skills in UX design, front-end and full-stack development, animation, and digital strategy. I have dedicated the past 10+ years to helping small and large businesses share their unique stories online. I love to research, create and fix things, give design purpose and solve problems, while using great design to help people achieve their every day goals with ease and delight.

…but that’s most UX designers, isn’t it?

So I asked friends to describe me in one word…

“Creative, friendly, talented, empathetic, organized, courageous, determined, forward thinking, balanced, passionate, multi-dimensional, vibrant, brilliant, compassionate, strong, cogent, cake (everyone likes cake), tidy, sincere, altruistic, inspirational, singular, forgiving, driven, helpful, beautiful, unique, genuine, caring, visionary, honest, articulate, intelligent, dependable, and welcoming”

Do you do anything else?

Sure do! My partner (Chris) and I love going camping and backpacking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. During the work week, I like to bike to-and-from, or work from a local coffee shop. Exploring art and science museums, playing Minecraft, reading graphic novels, making art, planning trips, obsessing over prefab off-grid homes, studying development, or cooking and baking are some of activities we try to find time for regularly.


Thanks for checking out my work. I’d love to learn about what you’re doing!